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Kaseya KLC Rocks! (no I haven't been drinking!)

Give Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) another try.   I know you are probably thinking I have gone off the deep end, the Kaseya community site has plenty of messages about problems with KLC, and I have written several blog articles about how to make it more efficient, but something happened a few weeks ago that…

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Give Your Clients Remote Control Access To Their System Using Kaseya

In version 6.2, Kaseya allowed SaaS partners to give their users access to their machines.  Follow the easy instructions below to provide your clients more value from your service. Click on Agent Tab (Button #1) Go to Configure Agents-> Portal Access (#2). Select the computer you wish to give remote access to (#3) Give them…

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Kaseya releases Kaseya AV 1.2 (KAV)

Kaseya has released the next update to their Kaspersky implementation in their RMM tool. KAV 1.2 bring, among other things, server support.

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Patch Notes For November 2011

This month’s patch Tuesday patch information based on our internal analysis. Feel free to leave a comment if you have additional information on any of these patches. New Security Bulletins Severity MS11-083 The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if an attacker sends a continuous flow of specially crafted UDP packets to a closed port…

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Do you really have what it takes to build a successful MSP?

Nearly every day I get a phone call from a startup MSP and I hear an entire plan of how that managed services company is going to kick things off the ground and rocket off into the stars. How many actually make it that far? Less than those start, I’ll tell you that much. In…

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Troubleshooting Kaseya Live Connect (KLC)

Things to try when Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) doesn’t seem to be working… In July I wrote a blog article about how to improve the performance of KLC by pre-installing the KLC modules on a scheduled basis.     With the release of 6.2, this is still a best practice.    If you have your own on-premise KServer…

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