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Go!Manage – MSP Remote Management Program

Managed services is exploding. This is your chance to join in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and secure your slice of monthly recurring revenue. With the Go!Manage program, an ever expanding market, and one of the most profitable business models available today this is your chance to hit it big. Virtual Administrator…... Continue Reading


For years Connectwise and Kaseya have played the “not talking to you” game. Getting the two to play nice together has been difficult if not impossible. After years of waiting for a simple and cost effective solution to come out, we took things into our own hands and built the tool ourselves. Introducing KCSync (Kaseya-Connectwise…... Continue Reading

Intronis Online Backup

Backing up client data can be a huge responsibility but it is one of the most profitable businesses in existence today. Finding the right backup tool is not a question of price, but primarily a question of reliability. Be there for your customers in a way that no one has been there for them before.…... Continue Reading

Mailprotector Email Spam Protection and Mail Continuity

Offer Industry Leading Email Hosting, Spam Protection, Encryption, and Archiving. Spam Protection and Email Hosting At It’s Finest Meet important industry compliances and improve the quality of life for your clients by filtering out spam along with protecting their email. Establish a beach-head service by providing email hosting, spam protection, email security, and archiving to…... Continue Reading

SonicWall Networking

The SonicWall Triple Play is a three part program for MSPs looking to get a piece of the huge Network Administration market. Through working with Virtual Administrator you can get premium discounts on SonicWall devices for your IT business, get consulting help configure those devices, and get access to our hosted Global Management System (GMS).…... Continue Reading

CloudJumper Virtual Workspaces

Use the Many-To-One Principle and Virtualized Workspaces To Level Up To An MSP 4.0 Managed Services is evolving again. Take your MSP to the next level with Virtualized Desktops. Our premiere workspace as a service (WaaS) powered by CloudJumper (formerly nGenx) will open up new horizons for your MSP. How This Is Going To Transform…... Continue Reading
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