Baraccuda MSP Online Backup

Superpower Your Backup Business For Massive Profits and Ecstatic Customers! Backing up client data can be a huge responsibility but it is one of the most profitable businesses in existence today. Finding the right backup tool is not just a question of price, but primarily a question of reliability and management. Be there for your customers in a way that no one has been there for them before.

Easy Managed Backup Solutions

No need to deal with a finicky appliance. Backup files straight to the cloud. Or deploy a simple NAS (or even USB Storage) and backup locally.


All Managed From The Cloud

The Intronis Software Agent connects to a web portal that allows you to create backup sets, view backups, restore files, and view reports. Get information on storage used, backup success and error alerts, and more.

Backup Almost Anything

Intronis software has built in backup capabilities for all kinds of servers and workstations.

  • Backup Files.
  • Backup Bare Metal.
  • Backup Hyper-V and VMWare.
  • Backup Exchange (message level).
  • Backup SQL servers.

All the backups can be executed from the online portal making managing and restoring data a breeze.


Simple Pricing Unique To The Industry

Barracuda MSP backs up on a per-site basis. Instead of paying for licenses for machines, servers, or appliances, you can pay one fee to cover an entire site. Simply choose the storage you plan to use for the entire location and all software licensing is included!

Through Virtual Administrator there are no minimums and no long term contracts. You can grow and shrink without hurting your bottom line.

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Site Licenses

Site Licensing

License Intronis for an entire customer location for a flat rate. Packages are available in 100 GB, 300 GB, and Unlimited GB per site licenses.

Intronis Online Backup

100GB Per Site / Month 300GB Per Site / Month Unlimited Per Site* / Month
Sub $300 / Month** $39 / Site / Month $89 / Site / Month $ CALL / Site / Month
$300+ / Month** $30 / Site / Month $75 / Site / Month $ CALL / Site / Month

* Unlimited Site Licenses are limited to 100 end point machines. A second license is required to back up an additional 100 machines.

** Price tiers are based on total account spent across all sites with Virtual Administrator. So $300+ / month means your account spends more than $300 / month on Barracuda products with Virtual Administrator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't have any Firewalls?

    Virtual Administrator has a significant relationship with SonicWall which allows us to offer some excellent pricing on new Firewalls to our partners. If you need information on which firewall is best for your situation or just want to get pricing on a specific Firewall then reach out to our purchasing team.

  • What is your device backup schedule?

    Virtual Administrator's GMS server is configured to take a firewall backup every Saturday. We will keep the previous four backups on the server along with the most recent backup.

  • What is your data retention policy?

    Virtual Administrator GMS Gold Reporting stores logs from your firewalls on our summarizer server. These logs are stored for no more than 90 days and default to 45 days available data.

  • Can I edit the reports?

    Reports include all details from the GMS Server that we have available. During the setup of a new firewall you are able to customize the name, delivery email address(es), heading graphic, heading and subheading of the report specific for each firewall.

  • Do I need to choose either GMS Gold or GMS Silver for all my firewalls?

    You can choose GMS Gold or GMS Silver specific for each firewall on the system.

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