Our Top 10 Kaseya Scripts for Daily IT Work (+2 more because we couldn’t choose)

Since the inception of Virtual Administrator there has been one guiding principle that has driven us: automation. Kaseya is all about making things easier and over the years they have built an incredibly powerful scripting engine that, when combined with other technologies like PowerShell and VB script, can do just about anything.

Our “Agent Procedures” released over the years have all been helpful in one way or another, but there have been a few that really stood above the rest. Today we’re going to revisit a few of our favorites and recommend that you keep these in your back pocket for day-to-day IT work.

  1. Password Generator to change Admin PW

    This is the script you never knew you needed. One of the biggest security flaws with modern MSPs is adding an admin user to your endpoints with some common password that could possibly leak out or be used by a disgruntled current or former employee.

    This script will rotate the password on a given admin account and then store that password inside of Kaseya. Schedule this script to run regularly and your endpoints will have rotating passwords on your MSP’s admin account.

  2. WMI AntiVirus Info – Field Update

    Want to keep tabs on what Anti-virus is running on your endpoints? This script plugs into Windows Security Center to pull the latest information and store that inside of Kaseya for easy reference. It will update custom fields with Manufacturer, is it enabled, and is it up-to-date?  Even if you’re using an Antivirus that isn’t part of Kaseya this script will pull in the latest information.
  3. Internet Speedtest to custom fields

    Keep tabs on your client’s Internet speed. Run this script on your endpoints (be sure to space it out so they don’t end up fighting for bandwidth) and you’ll be able to quickly judge from the Agent dashboard how fast that machine can access the Internet. Will record ISP name, and speeds.  Keeps history so you can compare!

  4. Windows 10 Builds and Updates

    This quality-of-life script gives you a great deal of control over Windows updates, upgrades, and Office 365 updates.

  5. Drive Health Status

    Run this script on your endpoints to get a complete drive report using CrystalDiskInfo. This is a great script to keep tabs on your endpoints to avoid the occasional drive failure.

  6. Win 10 Version Audit to Custom Field

    Have this script run on your endpoints so you can get a quick snapshot view in the Agent dashboard of which version of Windows your endpoints are running. This is great to spot stragglers who haven’t successfully updated to the latest major release for Windows.
  7. Reboot Nanny

    The Reboot Nanny script will force reboot machines or servers on a recurring basis every so many days. There are all kinds of situations where this script just helps machines clear our caches or fix issues that come up with excessive uptime.

    It will also allow machines a chance to apply updates that can only be done during a reboot.

  8. Windows 10 Update to latest Build

    This script runs through a few checks like available disk space to make sure that the machine can update to the latest version and then will push the latest Windows update to the endpoint. This is a great script to run if you want to control the update process on your endpoints through Kaseya.

  9. Dell Warranty Check

    For many years we offered a software license for our Kaseya users that pulled details on Dell’s warranty into Kaseya. The company that created that software eventually folded and we were left in a lurch for some time. Eventually, our brilliant script team was able to mimic their capabilities ourselves with a script that will import the details from Dell of their warranty expiration status into Kaseya.

  10. Dell Command Update – Audit only

    Another Dell favorite. This script checks that you’re on a Dell machine and then will install or update the Dell Command application and run an audit.
  11. Remove members from Local Admin Group (w/ custom Skipname)

    This script is great for removing unintentional admin access to your endpoints. This script will remove all but default admins from the admin group on a machine. With the ability to whitelist admin users, you can get pretty tight control over who can wield admin privileges on your endpoints.
  12. Programs Installed within X days (w/ blacklist)

    Pulled right into Kaseya, you can bring in the latest list of installed programs on your endpoints. Now you can see what your users have been up to!   Schedule this script to run regularly so it is available at your fingertips whenever you are providing direct remote support.

Be sure to visit https://clubMSP.com and review the hundreds of scripts that we have to make your life easier and your IT practice more efficient.   Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have an idea for a script, we are always on the lookout for new ideas!