Mailprotector For Email HIPAA and Other Compliance Standards

This is a question we get a lot here at Virtual Administrator. Does Mailprotector work with X Compliance requirement. Could be HIPAA, could be a certain datacenter or other industry compliance. It is important to know what you are getting and what you aren’t getting with Mailprotector. In fact, almost all security and compliance questions we get here at Virtual Administrator are probably related to Mailprotector and their unique suite of services.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance relies on several things. Mailprotector pairs well with HIPAA requirements, especially their Bracket product, which is all about encryption. HIPAA relies on protecting sensitive patient information. This includes making sure the information is protected while it is in transit and also while it is at rest.

Most mail hosting products won’t meet HIPAA compliance standards, so a service like Bracket is almost a requirement if you are planning to have any PMI sent via email communications.

  • Bracket Encrypts all email that is sent via TLS 1.2 or better encryption.
  • Bracket encrypts all email while it is at rest.
  • Bracket meets login requirements for HIPAA compliance via their tokenized links.
  • Virtual Administrator has a BAA with Mailprotector and we will sign a BAA agreement with your MSP for delivering Bracket service.
  • Mailprotector also offers 2FA and Personal Data Key Encryption for situations where your end users wish for more security.

Office 365 pairs well with Bracket in a HIPAA compliant environment as does most of their other products.

Data Center Compliance Standards

If you’re thinking about Bracket, SecureStore, or just their simple mail filtering services of CloudMail or SafeSend, then you may be concerned about the servers that mail flows through. Thankfully, Mailprotector uses only the best for their Data Centers.

Mailprotector uses Amazon AWS as their mail transport and storage backbone. This means that Mailprotector’s servers meet SOC3 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 through Amazon’s infrastructure.

While these aren’t standards that Mailprotector advertises as being compliant with, it is easy enough to find Amazon’s compliance audits and use those to know that the servers are protected and secure. Mailprotector isn’t a fly-by-night service and has put in a lot of thought and effort into securing their mail products for a variety of compliance industries.

Mail Storage Compliance

Have a client in the financial, law, accounting, or medical fields that needs a mail storage system for compliance reasons? Then SecureStore is the tool for you. SecureStore is a one-size-fits-all mail storage solution with compliance purposes in mind. SecureStore is different from many other email storage solution because they offer unlimited storage. So you don’t get nickled and dimed as your account grows older. You can quote a price to your client and stick with it as your account grows in size instead of having to raise your prices or watch your profits erode over time.


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