Neushield Ransomeware Protection That They Won’t See Coming

The world’s craftiest rewind button for when all other protections fail.

With Ransomware predicted to be breaching organizations every 11 seconds by 2021 it is more important than ever to have a business continuity plan in place. While MFA, good backups, and malware/virus protection software all play a roll in protecting your end users against ransomware threats, Neushield creates a whole new class of Ransomware protection that malicious groups won’t see coming.

So how does it work?


Neushield intercepts file writes at the file system level.


Neushield creates a “mirror” overlay of the file where changes are stored.


After 24 hours, new changes are “rolled down” to the original files on the drive (with revision history).


Don’t like a change made to a file? Just throw out the mirror image and return to the original version of the file a day previous.

Neushield Offers 3 Tiers of Protection


Critical data files are protected by the drive mirror protection.


Windows system files are protected in locked hidden folders (similar to system restore).


The boot sector and direct access to the hard drive is locked to prevent programs from going around the Windows OS APIs.

What Happens When You Get Breached?


Simply log in to the Neushield console and execute a rewind. No system access? Neushield can be accessed locally on the machine as well. Perform a Neushield system restore and then rewind data files to remove crypto locks.


The Neushield service is required to access protected files to prevent tampering with Neushield protections on files.


The Neushield uninstaller can be password locked to prevent unintentional manual removal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this work on Servers?

    Neushield will work on servers, however, it is recommended ONLY for Fileserver based servers. Servers running Active Directory, Databases, or other high IO setups likely will conflict with Neushield and not work properly.

    A good setup for these kind of servers would be to back up to a local device running Neushield and then protect the server backups with Neushield and then restore from there in case of a breach.

  • Can you protect databases with Neushield?

    Neushield will only work on very small databases. Database support is currently in active development. Until that feature is officially released we do not recommend protecting databases to preserve data integrity.

  • Can you protect NAS drives or mapped drives with Neushield?

    Because of how Neushield works mapped or NAS drives will not be protected. In order to protect a NAS device it is recommended to connect it to a device via iSCSI which will give the server the level of access to protect the files on the NAS device.

  • What is protected by Neushield?

    Neushield will protect the user directory by default (assuming it hasn’t been moved from its default location on the C:). Additional directories can be manually added for Neushield to protect.

    System and Program directories are covered through a form of system restore that Neushield backs up to a protected directory. This is a different form of protection than the data folders are covered with.

    By default Neushield will only protect files up to 2GB in size. You can change this behavior in the Neushield console.

  • What Operating Systems Does Neushield Work With?

    Neushield will only function on Microsoft Windows on an NTFS filesystem. Other filesystems and operating systems are currently not supported.

  • When are file changes committed?

    By default file changes are rolled down to the drive on a daily basis (this behavior can be changed). Changes are NOT committed over the weekend.

  • How many Revisions to you keep of files on the hard drive?

    Default configuration is 7 revisions with a 24 hour window between roll-downs.

  • How much storage does Neushield add to the hard drive?

    Default configuration sees roughly a 10% increase in storage on the hard drive. This can be increased or reduced by changing the number of file revisions Neushield maintains in the Filesystem.

  • What is the CPU and Ram usage? Is there any other overhead?

    Neushield uses very little extra resources. Average 1-2% CPU usage during file read and write requests and under 50MB of ram usage on average.

  • Can you just permanently lock a file from changes?

    Yes. But lockdowns will reset when the windows machine is restarted.

  • Is everything done through the web portal? Or does it require any work on the machine itself?

    All actions can be done through the web portal. File restores can be executed through the local agent if they have not been disabled by the web portal.

  • Are there any known conflicts with any current AV software, backup software, or remote management software?

    There are not any known AV conflicts that we are aware of.

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