Mailprotector Email Filtering, Protection, and Encryption

Mailprotector is a complete email filtering, protection, encryption, and hosting solution to give your MSP the tools you need no matter what your end-client is looking for. You can rest assured knowing that their inboxes are protected against spam and that their outgoing email is safe from prying eyes.

Class Leading Email Protection


CloudFilter Email Security

Mailprotector doesn’t use “perimeter blocking” services like other Email Security solutions on the market. Instead, the end-user is able to view all email delivered to ensure they never miss a message because some server made a bad decision to block something. With their unique spam filtering solution, Mailprotector will assign a spam value to every email that comes in making sure that spam mail sinks to the bottom of the list while delivering real email to the end user.


SafeSend Outbound Protection

Protect your clients from embossing and potentially dangerous virus situations with Mailprotector SafeSend. SafeSend will scan all outbound mail and ensure that it doesn’t contain sensitive data, spam, or viruses. You can also auto add important email footer information to all outbound mail for an organization with SafeSend as well as integrate with SecureStore to archive all outbound messages.


XtraMail Email Protection

Mailprotector can cover for when your email provider drops the ball. When the server stops accepting mail due to an outage or misconfiguration then Mailprotector’s XtraMail will kick in and spool mail allowing the end user to view the email on Mailprotector’s server without their email server. This can be invaluable when your regular mail server puts you in a tough situation.

Easiest Email Encryption And Archiving


Bracket Email Encryption

Quite possibly the easiest Email Encryption in the IT world. No passwords, no complicated systems, no software downloads. Simply put [Brackets] around your email subject line and your email will be encrypted and protected from prying eyes.


SecureStore Archiving

Meet important industry compliance with Mailprotector’s SecureStore. Auto-Archive all inbound and outbound emails forever with no storage limits. Every message is saved, indexed, and instantly searchable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay for Aliases and Distribution lists?

    Mailprotector is charged per User, not per Mailbox. This means that Aliases, Distribution lists, Shared folders, and several other box types are not considered billable with Mailprotector.

    If you have any questions, you can feel free to reach out for detailed pricing information.

  • Does Mailprotector offer Email Hosting?

    Mailprotector offers both POP and Exchange email hosting solutions. Contact us for more information on Exchange+ and CloudMail.

  • Can you sign a HIPAA BAA Agreement?

    New for 2019 Virtual Administrator will now sign BAA agreements with partners for Mailprotector related services including Bracket and SecureStore.

  • How Does the Bracket Encryption Secure My End-Users without a Password?

    Bracket uses a combination of email token links and geolocation in order to track users. This method is as secure if not more secure than the old-fashioned username / password combo. Plus your end-users and their email recipients will be able to further secure their boxes with an encryption key and/or SMS two factor authentication.

  • Can I control the level of Spam Protection?

    Mailprotector offers complete mail filtering controls to allow you significant control over what mail ends up in your user's inboxes. You can turn up or down the filtering on a client, domain, or per user basis.

    Mailprotector also contains detailed content filtering rules to control the email based on content within the emails and/or headers if you need more fine-tuned controls (this also plugs into Bracket for auto-encryption).

  • Will you help me set up my account?

    Virtual Administrator has a complete video training course to give you a complete overview of the Mailprotector portal. We also do live training with our partners free of charge. You can schedule a live training session and we'll walk you through your first client setup so you can feel comfortable with how Mailprotector works.

  • Is the web panel complicated?

    Mailprotector is a powerful service, but their web panel is quite simple and easy to grasp. The only complexity in Mailprotector's service is the inherent complexity in email deliverability which can be difficult to wrap your mind around. 

    Mailprotector has done a wonderful job simplifying this process and making it easy to work with. Utilize our live training to get a heads up on any gotchas with the management portal if you are feeling uncomfortable. We are here to make this job easy for you.

  • Do you work with Office 365, G Suite, Rackspace, etc?

    Mailprotector's inbound email services are compatible with most email hosts. Outbound services such as Bracket and SecureStore are more strict in their compatibility. They are compatible with Office365, on-premise Exchange, and the business edition of G Suite. If you have another email solution then you will need to confirm if it supports an Outbound Gateway for email in order for Mailprotector to function properly.

    You can always reach out to find out specifically, or sign up for our 30 day trial to see for yourself if it is compatible.

  • What is offered on the trial?

    Virtual Administrator trial accounts are full fledged and unencumbered accounts. When your trial ends you will continue with the same account with no migration process.

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