Go!Manage MSP Remote Management

Powered by Kaseya™

Go!Manage is a complete Remote Management solution that includes features from Kaseya, Webroot, Kaspersky, CCleaner, Ninite, our own home-brewed MSP automation scripts, and more. Read more for details...

Powered By Kaseya

At the heart of Go!Manage is our favorite RMM tool, Kaseya. Configured and ready to go from day one, we deliver this powerful technology on Virtual Administrator servers which are hosted and maintained in the US (Herndon, VA).

Easily perform patch scans; monitor servers, laptops, and workstations; utilize our advanced alerting setup; build complex (or simple) reports; and use a powerful remote support utility to deliver a complete Managed Services Solution.

Rapid Deployment of Third Party Software

With the combination of Ninite and ClubMSP. You can rapidly deploy and update a swath of third party applications your clients will use on their PCs. Quickly differentiate yourself from your competition by defending from threats through applications like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Desktop Browsers, and other software.

Your Choice of Anti-Virus

We offer two choices of Anti-Virus. Kaspersky has been an industry standard for years now, or the younger, more hip AV Webroot. Both options are light on CPU usage and utilize unique ways to protect your clients.

You can choose per machine so don't be afraid to mix-and-match.

Already have your own AV solution? No problem! Kaseya offers alerting features so you can build monitors for your own AV solution (assuming it writes to the Windows Security Log).

Monthly Patch Approvals Done For You

Spend less time researching the hard stuff. Every month on the Friday following Microsoft’s patch Tuesday, our team will review the status of the patches released and approve or deny them based on if they are safe for use on your machine. We also publish a patch document with details on which patches were approved or denied.

See the latest patch blogs here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Kaspersky or Webroot Better?

    Kaspersky and Webroot are both considered "Anti-Virus" solutions but they operate quite differently from each other. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say if one or the other is better but instead it is best to pick the right one for each situation you find yourself. This is why we try to offer choices when it comes to AV product choose.

    You can always reach out to us to ask which one is best for your situation if you need help deciding.

  • Can I integrate this with my PSA software?

    If you use Kaseya BMS: We are putting together a Go!Manage solution which will support Kaseya BMS. Our default Go!Manage plan doesn't connect via API with Kaseya BMS.

    If you use Connectwise: We have written custom software to integrate Kaseya with Connectwise.

    Other PSA applications can be loosely integrated by sending alerts via email through the service desk.

  • What is your pricing?

    Our team offers competitive pricing for Kaseya. While we don't publish our pricing you can reach out to our sales team to request a custom quote for your needs. We can quote on as few as one agent and as many as tens of thousands. Our team subscribes to the pay-as-you-grow philosophy to ensure that you only are paying for what you need.

  • What if I have my own AV software?

    You are not required to use our Anti-Virus solutions with Kaseya. You can continue using your own AV software and may even be able to get Kaseya to monitor the software via event log alerts.

    Through our Hosted Kaseya Silver program you can unbundle everything and not pay for our Anti-Virus license.

  • Is Kaseya complicated?

    Kaseya is one of the most powerful MSP automation tools on the market. With the options the software provides there is a level of complication that comes along with it. Thankfully we offer training solutions for all our partners as part of the Go!Manage program. We pre-setup the software to work well for you and combined with training you'll be off to the races with very little effort.

    After you get rolling, that is when the real setup begins because you will find Kaseya can be made to do almost anything for your MSP. Utilize the training we offer to help tailor Kaseya to your unique needs and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Where do I find scripts for Kaseya?

    ClubMSP is our script library and is available as part of our Go!Manage program. Or available as a standalone option which you can sign up for if you have your own Kaseya server.

  • Will you do the management for me?

    In certain special situations we can work out a custom management plan with your business if you're looking for a Kaseya server admin. We price per-agent and will take care of a specific list of Kaseya related tasks. If you want more information then please reach out and contact us.

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