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Answer a Customer Complaint

This week’s blog post idea is to answer a common complaint you hear your customers making. Perhaps it has to do with a complexity in their business (such as conforming to HIPAA) or maybe some software bug you find yourself correcting all the time (like how Outlook likes to corrupt email databases). Take a moment and describe the issue and how it relates to your clients. Then go into ways they can avoid the problem or resolve the complaint. We’re gunning for establishing our authority with this post. This posting can become a fallback for your tech and sales teams to reach out to customers on a regular basis.

As usual, leave a comment with your blog post if you are able to write one!

When to (NOT) Outsource Your Helpdesk

For those of you who don’t know, we worked as a channel partner with Live Virtual Helpdesk for several years in the past. They are a good helpdesk solution and we still forward partners to them when they’re considering outsourcing or augmenting their internal helpdesk. I still get calls even though we stopped directly offering…Continue Reading

Things to consider when getting your first PSA

One of the first major decisions every MSP must face is what to do with all the information they collect, and how to track and bill for the tasks that their clients need. Relying on email and calendar entries, or scribbling down phone numbers and IP addresses on various unlabeled sticky notes strewn around the…Continue Reading

Slow/Inaccurate Kaseya Patch Scans with Windows 7 SP1

To avoid problems with patching Windows 7 SP1 machines,  Virtual Administrator is recommending running both of these agent procedures on all Windows 7 SP1 machines that have older versions of the Windows Update Client.   Those of you that are on VA’s on-prem KServers, can locate the scripts in the VA Scripts-> Patch Deployment folder.  Everyone…Continue Reading

[Webinar Replay] How to run a successful Workspace as a Service (WaaS) program

Scott Bechtold from CloudJumper was willing to spend some time with our partners and do a Q&A style webinar where he answers all kinds of questions related to running a Workspace as a Service program. Learn Scott’s experience pricing the workspaces, finding new clients, selling the benefits of a service such as this, and more.…Continue Reading

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