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Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) doesn’t work after upgrade

After a Kaseya server upgrade, (or often after any upgrade/patch), we get some tickets regarding the inability to access machines via KLC.   If you experience this, follow the following steps, and it will generally solve your issue.  Make sure the agent has upgraded to the latest version –   The Kaseya servers now auto-update agents, however…Continue Reading

DeAcronize an Acronym

The technology world is full of acronyms. They shorten all kinds of advanced ideas. HIPAA, HTML, OS, BIOS, HDD are just a few of the acronyms out there. This week take one, or a handful of acronyms and break them down into their original meaning. Bonus points if you have a niche focus on the acronyms.…Continue Reading

Why Can’t MSPs Ever Seem To Sell Cloud Services?

Cloud Services and Managed Services seem like they would be two products that work hand in hand to provide a killer experience to your clients. By coupling cloud and managed services you can cover your client end-to-end from email, document sharing, remote access, and more. More often, though, it seems that, at least from a…Continue Reading

Answer a Customer Complaint

This week’s blog post idea is to answer a common complaint you hear your customers making. Perhaps it has to do with a complexity in their business (such as conforming to HIPAA) or maybe some software bug you find yourself correcting all the time (like how Outlook likes to corrupt email databases). Take a moment…Continue Reading

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