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$10 / User IT Service? The MoviePass Argument

Earlier this week there was a huge announcement made by the company MoviePass. For those unfamiliar with the service, MoviePass offers all-you-can watch movie tickets (with a few stipulations) for one monthly price. It sounds mighty familiar to the MSP’s mantra of “All-you-can-eat” service contracts. However, at the beginning of the week, MoviePass did something…

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Why Your Helpdesk Never Seems To Be Able To Catch Up (The Phoenix Project)

From where I come from in the world of consulting, you are either suffering from too much work or too little. As I have worked with MSPs over the last decade, I can say that the same is very true here in IT as well. We often blame our sales efforts for the issue of…

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Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) doesn't work after upgrade

After a Kaseya server upgrade, (or often after any upgrade/patch), we get some tickets regarding the inability to access machines via KLC.   If you experience this, follow the following steps, and it will generally solve your issue.  Make sure the agent has upgraded to the latest version –   The Kaseya servers now auto-update agents, however…

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Opinion: What To Do With Your MSP When Your Life Falls Apart

The trials of personal life will ebb and flow over time. Most days are pretty normal, but occasionally it seems like the universe conspires against us in the worst ways possible. It could be the loss of a loved one, illness, relationship issues, injury, money problems, children problems, any number of personal events which can…

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Giving clients remote access to their systems using Kaseya

Ever have a client that needed emergency or occasional remote access to their system?  There really wasn’t much you could do, short of setting up an account for them with a commercial remote control vendor like GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, or LogMeIn.    Kaseya has always had a feature that allowed you to grant access to a customer,…

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Why Can't MSPs Ever Seem To Sell Cloud Services?

Cloud Services and Managed Services seem like they would be two products that work hand in hand to provide a killer experience to your clients. By coupling cloud and managed services you can cover your client end-to-end from email, document sharing, remote access, and more. More often, though, it seems that, at least from a…

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