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Managing Java updates through Kaseya

Have you been struggling to keep Java up to date?   What about removing old, vulnerable versions?    This has been a big pain for us, but I am pleased to announce our new 2016 Java Install/Update script for Kaseya. We have spent over 150 hours struggling to deal with this issue.   The old installers we had…Continue Reading

Beginning R9.2 upgrade on K2 server

We will be upgrading the K2 server tonight beginning at 10pm EST.     We expect this upgrade to take between 2 to 3 hours.. During this time you will unlikely have access to your agents, and we will suspend alarms to prevent any false-alarms. We apologize for the inconvenience.   Please check back for status updates. …Continue Reading

How to identify and remove Dell eDellRoot certificate vulnerability using Kaseya

You may have heard about the latest certificate vulnerability, this one from Dell. There are actually two certificates that are exposed, one called eDellRoot which is factory installed by the Dell Foundation Services application, designed to make support easier.   The 2nd one is probably less common, it is called the DSDTestProvider certificate, and is only…Continue Reading

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