How to manually approve a patch in Kaseya

There are times with Kaseya that you simply don’t want to globally approve a patch, such as a Service Pack release, or today we had a Microsoft patch (KB3046002) that would fail if installed with other patches and is possibly part of a patch issue that shows “Stage 3 of 3…”.    For whatever reason, if you need to manually install a patch, Kaseya makes it very easy.


1. Go to Patch Management Module (#1) ->  Under Manage Updates (#2) ->  Select Patch Update (#3)


2.  When the patch update comes up, UN-check the two boxes at the top of the screen.. “Hide machines set for Automatic Update” and “Hide patches denied by Patch Approval”   (NOTE:  You can also control this by machine group, so if you are only updating a single customer/type of machine, then switch to that group/view first)



3.  Wait for the screen to populate, and then press “CTRL-F” to open up the search window, and type the KB article you are looking for.  (NOTE:  If the KB article is not found, it generally means that you do not have any machines in the current filter (machine group/view)).


4.  Locate the KB article you are looking for (#4).  (NOTE:  There are often MULTIPLE entries for a KB Article, referencing different OS types).   When you locate the KB article(s), you will see in the middle column (#5), the number of machines that are missing that patch.    To schedule installation for those machines, for that KB, click the “Machines” button (#6).



5. The next screen will allow you to select all or any of the machines you wish to schedule installation (#7), make your selection, and click the “Schedule” box (#8).



6.  Lastly the standard scheduling window will pop up, allowing you to schedule when you would like to install the patch (#9).   Pick your time, date, and distribution window, and press the “Submit” button at the bottom (#10).