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Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) doesn't work after upgrade

After a Kaseya server upgrade, (or often after any upgrade/patch), we get some tickets regarding the inability to access machines via KLC.   If you experience this, follow the following steps, and it will generally solve your issue.  Make sure the agent has upgraded to the latest version –   The Kaseya servers now auto-update agents, however…

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Giving clients remote access to their systems using Kaseya

Ever have a client that needed emergency or occasional remote access to their system?  There really wasn’t much you could do, short of setting up an account for them with a commercial remote control vendor like GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, or LogMeIn.    Kaseya has always had a feature that allowed you to grant access to a customer,…

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Using Kaseya to Audit for MS17-10 to prevent WannaCrypt infection

Our Service Board and email lit up this weekend with partners asking if they are protected against the WannaCrypt ransomware attack that has made national headlines. First of all, it is important to know that the patch for this (MS17-10) was released back in MARCH, so this is not exactly a NEW vulnerability, but it…

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Mailprotector – How to control Address-Discovery with on-premise Exchange

One of the challenges of mail filters is managing users.    Mailprotector gives you 4 ways to create user accounts: Manual creation –  Whenever you have a new email user, alias, or distribution group, you need to sign into the console and add the user.   This is a 5 minute process, but you have to remember…

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Auditing GPO policies in Kaseya for “Authenticated Users” for patch KB3159398

In our last newsletter on Patch Friday, we talked about denying patch KB3159398 because of the problems it would generate for you if you have a GPO that maps drives or printers.  (If you missed this, you can review this InfoWorld article. ) We were unsuccessful in coming up with a working script that would…

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Managing Java updates through Kaseya

Have you been struggling to keep Java up to date?   What about removing old, vulnerable versions?    This has been a big pain for us, but I am pleased to announce our new 2016 Java Install/Update script for Kaseya. We have spent over 150 hours struggling to deal with this issue.   The old installers we had…

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