4 Reasons you should register your SonicWall firewall with GMS

When you sign up with our SonicWall GMS (Global Management System), we ask you to delete your firewall from your MySonicWall account, so that it can be absorbed by our GMS MySonicWall account.      This freaks people out a little bit, especially if they have never worked with us before.

If you are not comfortable (yet) in transferring your SonicWall to a stranger (we know you will come around, just like everyone else, but we won’t be pushy!), you can still use Virtual Administrator’s SonicWall GMS service without it, but you do give up a few perks:

  1. No firmware upgrades through GMS –   yep, you will not be able to take advantage of the ability to push out firmware upgrades directly from GMS, since the system won’t know if you are in warranty or not.
  2. No subscription service renewals –   You will have to manually sync subscriptions.
  3. No subscription service expiration dates –  You won’t get notified.
  4. Subscription services cannot be effectively managed through GMS. If you try to view a subscription service for an unregistered device using the GMS Policies tab you will see this:
    • “XYZ” Service is not enabled on this Firewall.  Go to Register/Upgrades > Service Licenses section to activate this service.

We hope you will eventually come around and realize the full potential of GMS by having everything integrated.   If you every get your own GMS server, we will happily delete it from the SonicWall GMS’ MySonicWall account, so it can be reclaimed back to yours.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!