Virtual Administrator Presents To Connect Booster

We had the wonderful opportunity to share what Virtual Administrator does with our friends at Connect Booster. Below is a web recording of the webinar. It was great fun, and hopefully we shared something of value with Connect Booster and their clients. If you’re interested in catching the rerun I’ve published it below for your convenience.


[evp t=videoboxone vid=”ywS7u6ZEmaw” size=”0″ title=”Introduction to Virtual Administrator” align=”center”][/evp]


[evp t=videoboxone vid=”SlFAkgQ8XYI” size=”0″ title=”Introduction to ClubMSP” align=”center”][/evp]

Kaseya and Automation

[evp t=videoboxone vid=”9-dMifdVqac” size=”0″ title=”Kaseya and Automation” align=”center”][/evp]

SonicWall GMS and Network Management

[evp t=videoboxone vid=”2ChU4XaP2CU” size=”0″ title=”SonicWall GMS and Network Management” align=”center”][/evp]

Spam Soap Encryption + Live Virtual Helpdesk and Closing Thoughts

[evp t=videoboxone vid=”Guq1ktJNn4M” size=”0″ title=”Spam Soap Encryption + Live Virtual Helpdesk and Closing Thoughts” align=”center”][/evp]