Using Kaseya Agent Icon to send emails

Ever wanted an easy way to get your clients to send you an email when they need support? Why not use the Kaseya icon? Here are the steps: 1. Go to Agent Tab, Configure Agents, and select Agent Menu. 2. In the center area, find the 4th check-box from the top (#1). Check the box, and in the empty box next to it, put a description of what you want to show on the icon. In this example I put “Email Support” (#2)

3. Next, in the “URL” box next to where you typed your description, you can type the mailto: information (#3). You have a variety of options here, but note that the entire URL is limited to 100 characters, so you will have to be careful with your wording. In this example I am including the email address, Subject, and a short body text. The entire line reads:


4. When you are done entering the URL information, you can check all the machines that you would like to assign this to (#4), and then click the “Update” button (#5)

5. Next, wait a few minutes (or click “Refresh” on your test computer), and now when you right-click on the icon, you will have the option to “Email Support”

6. When the user clicks on this, the default email program will open up a new email, and the appropriate fields will be populated.

Done! Now you just need to educate your clients.