Upgrading to Kaseya IT Essentials from IT Center

Upgrading to IT Essentials is a simple process, just follow the steps below:

1)        Check your Kaseya Portal tab to see if “Upgrade” is showing under the “My Account” tab.


If you DON’T see it, send us an email and we will enable it for you (sales@virtualadministrator.com)


2)      This is IMPORTANT!     Whatever day you decide to do this becomes your new BILLING DATE, so if you would prefer to be billed on a specific day, then you should wait until that day to do the upgrade!


3)      Click on the “Upgrade” option, you will get a screen that asks if you would like the Monthly or Yearly option.    Most of you will want to choose Monthly.     There are some nice discounts if you want to PREPAY for an entire year, so if your business was fixed, you could take advantage of this.      Please note that once you select YEARLY all your purchases must be done yearly.  (You can’t mix and match monthly and yearly!).


4)      Next you will get the screen to order your items.    As usual you MUST order equal to or more than you have “In Use”, but remember to check for price breaks (click the flag next to price) to see if you qualify for lower pricing, by buying a few more agents.  ALSO, as part of this upgrade, you MUST purchase at least equal to your previous month’s bill.     In some cases this may mean you need to purchase a few extra agents.   Please purchase them, and you can reduce the count for the next bill.



5)      Once you have selected all the items, check the box “I have read …. “ (after reading it of course <g>) and click “Continue”.


6)      For the last step you will review the summary screen, be sure to check:

  •  (#1) Your next invoice date (make sure you agree with this)
  • Review the line items you purchased (#2)
  • Review the total (#3) and compare it to what you are now spending, and make sure you are OK with it.    Keep in mind that you will no longer pay a $99.95 annual fee.
  • Press “Purchase” (#4) to complete the transaction.


Once finished, you will need to log off and back in to see the new modules.

If you have any problems, please open a ticket with us at help@virtualadministrator.com