Spam Soap Archiving Webinar

In the three videos below, Eric Pinto shows off Spam Soap’s archiving product. Archiving is a fantastic tool for MSPs who are working with companies that have a lot of government restrictions, legal issues, or other things. This is perfect for industries such as law, government, medical and more.

Video 1 – Intro To Spam Soap

Introduction – Eric Pinto from Spam Soap introduces Spam Soap and shows the console and how the whole service works to defend your clients from email troubles from spam to data loss.

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Video 2 – Spam Soap Archiving In Detail

Eric dives deep into Spam Soap’s archiving tool, giving some strong reasons for why you would want to put this tool in place on your customer’s domain.

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Video 3 – Q&A About Spam Soap Archiving

Dan Kolansky and Eric Pinto do some back and forth Q&A about Spam Soap’s archiving feature giving some real life examples and answering other questions from the webinar audience.

Questions Asked:

  • What are some real life scenarios where archiving has saved the day?
  • Can you view your employee’s email archive directly without speaking to the MSP or Spam Soap? (yes its possible, Eric gives more details.)
  • What requirements are needed to run Email Archiving?
  • Is it possible to populate an email archive retroactively? (yes, it is possible)
  • How far back should you archive email? (Eric makes an arguement to archive as much as possible)
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