Problems with MS13-036/KB 2823324 Patch – Do not install

***EDIT*** We’ve created a script for removing this patch available here:

Partners, Kaseya, Kaspersky and the industry are reporting problems with recently released patch MS13-036/KB2823324.

It is currently recommended to NOT install this patch, and if you have already installed it, UN-install it BEFORE rebooting your computer.

Reported Symptoms:   BSOD when Win7 PC is rebooted.    Kaspersky users report that CHKDSK runs each time the system reboots.

For 8 years now, we have followed our own best practice….   We always wait until Friday (after Patch Tuesday) to approve patches, and this is the reason why.     If you are on our K2 or VA4 servers, you do not need to worry, since we have not (and will not) approve this patch.   HOWEVER, if your systems are set to allow Windows to automatically apply patches, you may be in trouble.

SaaS Users Only:  If you are on Kaseya’s SaaS servers, you need to be sure to Deny this patch.  This was considered a “Security Update – Moderate (High Priority), so would not have been automatically approved using our defaults.    Please take a minute to review your Approval by Policy, and Deny, or be sure to NOT approve this patch until further notice.

Kaspersky has  a detailed description of a problem that causes the chkdsk utility to launch each time the system is rebooted.   They have also reported that you may get a message “Your License is not valid. Protection disabled” after installing the update.

Kaseya is working with Kaspersky to resolve the Kaspersky specific issues, and you can subscribe to this forum post, or check back with us for further information.

If you have already installed the patch, you should try to uninstall it before rebooting.   While you may be able to do this from Kaseya, it may be prudent to simply manually uninstall it.   Please refer to this Microsoft Support post if you have any problems, such as Stop 0xc000000e startup error in Windows 7.

If you are a Virtual Administrator customer, please open a ticket with us if we can help.