New Kaseya Cloud Updates

Today Kaseya is going to be making some changes to KLC on their cloud offering. The details are below:

Hello Folks,

This Thursday, the CloudOPS team will deploy a new back-end feature to the cloud platform which will enable new KLC global relay functionality. Over the past few months, we have been working on a new global relay infrastructure which will place clusters of relay servers in various markets including Europe, Asia, ANZ, Africa, and North & South America. New code has been developed which will enable the Admin endpoint to seamlessly select the closest regional secure relay server for remote connections. This change combined with recent global performance enhancements will will result in a significant performance bump across the entire platform.

Please see for infrastructure status and maintenance information.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality!

Best- MD

Very exciting stuff! We’re excited to be partnered with Kaseya as they continue to improve their worldwide infrastructure.