Lenovo NitroPDF Pro: Critical Update

If you have been struggling with Windows Update failing on Lenovo computers, it might be because of a default software install from Lenovo called NitroPDF and associated Nalpeiron License manager.

One of our partners, NoWorriesIT, reported to us earlier today that Lenovo’s version 7 of NitroPDF Pro is causing problems with Windows Update.

Symptoms from Lenovo’s forum:

After downloading Windows Updates and rebooting, the system will attempt to apply the updates and fail. The error message, “Failure configuring Windows updates”, will display at 15 percent. The system will attempt to apply the updates three times and then the system will revert the changes and reboot back into Microsoft Windows 8.

We are considering making a script to upgrade or remove the software, but for the meantime, it is ideal to either remove NitroPDF Pro or upgrade to version 8 which solves the issue.

Here is the news brief that I got from Chris Amori earlier today:

Some older versions of Nitro Pro may exhibit a compatibility problem with Windows™ Update. If you are still working with Nitro Pro 7, jump straight to version 8 now and enjoy all the latest features.
This installer will remove any previous versions of Nitro Pro and upgrade you to version 8.

Here is the website with the update: http://www.nitropdf.com/support/upgrade-lenovo