Kaspersky (Kaseya's KAV vendor) does well in 2012 Comparison

I often read threads how one IT person thinks “X” AV is better, and others swear “Y” is better, but I ran across a non-profit Australian organization called the Institute for Security in Information Technology – AV-Comparatives, who does on-going research and testing into how well different AV products ACTUALLY work.

For 2012, I was happy to see that Kaspersky was one of the most highly rated products across most tests.    This experience mirrors our own real-world results, and I thought I would share.

Take a moment and review the 2012 findings.

If you are currently using another AV vendor, reconsider Kaseya’s KAV.   The new 1.4 release has a slew of new controls that gives you a great deal of granular control, and all managed from the Kaseya console.

Happy Virus killing!