Kaseya KLC Rocks! (no I haven't been drinking!)

Give Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) another try.   I know you are probably thinking I have gone off the deep end, the Kaseya community site has plenty of messages about problems with KLC, and I have written several blog articles about how to make it more efficient, but something happened a few weeks ago that changed everything for the better, you gotta try this thing!

At the end of December, Kaseya published a patch to the Kserver that seems to have solved all the issues with connecting to machines using KLC.  If you are not a Virtual Administrator client and haven’t updated your own servers, here is the Link to the article.    The bottom line is that they started tying the version of KLC to the version of the agent.    After the update, you will notice a new set of numbers after the version….  This is the KLC string.   KLC will now be installed automatically as soon as the agent installs.

You may first notice it when you login, you will start getting pop-ups saying “X online machines need to be updated … ”

UPDATE YOUR AGENTS! (Agent tab, Update Agent, Force)

You will also be asked to update some new plug-ins on your browser…  Be sure to do that!

Once the agents have been updated, and your browser has the new plug-ins, try to click on an icon and connect.   If it doesn’t blow you away the first time, try it a 2nd, and you should see amazing differences in connection speeds. (NOTE: subsequent connections will be fast, only the first might take an extra 10 seconds)

Over the past 3 weeks, I have actually had an opportunity to play technician, and have personally remoted-in to no less then 3 dozen different servers, many of them multiple times.  In every instance (using Chrome), I was getting completed Thumbnails in 3-4 seconds, and getting Desktops in about the same time after pressing “Desktop Access”.   IT ROCKED!

Once connected, speeds were acceptable, but we are still tied to the limitations of VNC, but despite an occasional lag, I had no problems getting my work done.   On a recent project to upgrade 20 or so workstation, I regularly had 3-4 sessions running simultaneously, with only a few hiccups with Chrome.