How to find software license keys through Kaseya

Kaseya is one of those softwares that just goes deeper and deeper. One of those little known things which is possible through Kaseya is to be able to find software license keys.

You know how it goes. Your customer asks you to install Office on their latest machine and you say “Great where is the CD?” and they respond with “Can’t you just copy it off my old machine?”

While their thought process is not incorrect, especially since Microsoft now bundles multiple PCs with one license of Office, it doesn’t help you when you’re trying to find that all important CD key to install it on the new machine.

Thankfully, Kaseya to the rescue! As part of the latest audit which Kaseya by default runs nightly, Kaseya checks to find CD keys for all installed software that it recognizes. It finds a lot of keys, which you can use to help migrate software between machines especially if you cannot find the CD Key for whatever reason, or if you’re operating remotely.

Its also good for finding information on machines which are no longer checking in (the machine is broken) since the information is stored on the server.

You can find these keys under KLC, and also available in the quick view. Here are some screenshots that show how to find these keys.