Getting on our Hosted GMS Platform without divulging your master password

One of the requirements to connect a SonicWall device to a GMS server is to enter in the master username and password of the device you want to sync up with Hosted GMS. Since we do the entering part for you on our Hosted GMS service, we end up collecting that username and password so we can enter it into the GMS server. While we would never divulge or mishandle such information, it makes security conscious professionals a bit squeamish. In order to protect your personal assets, we’ve created a work-around to protect your passwords so we can still get you started on GMS system. This is the synopsis:

  1. Change the master password on the SonicWall to a temporary one.
  2. Fill out the signup form with the temporary login information.
  3. Once the SonicWall connects to the GMS server, (through GMS) change the sonicwall’s admin password back to the standard password you had before. Then we won’t have access to your critical passwords.

This video will explain more: