February Patch Recommendations Addendum And Update

There have been a few updates to some of the issues which we reported on last week in our February patch blog digest.

For starters, there have been a few isolated incidents where clients are having difficulties installing patch KB2956128. It appears to have conflicts with Microsoft office 2010. While this isn’t widespread, the issues do appear to be substantiated. When the patch is installed it seems to cause Outlook to have difficulty connecting to IMAP servers Exchange MAPI (thanks Joel for the tip).

If this is happening to you, then uninstalling the patch seems to be the best course of action. We have written an uninstaller script which is available to all ClubMSP members at the following link.

KB2956128 Uninstaller

Another issue which we reported on in our original patch digest was a font display issue on older versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 Edition (KB3013455).

Rather than pull the patch, Microsoft released a new patch (KB3037639) which resolves the issue. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not release this patch through Windows update so it is not available unless you download it directly from Microsoft. To help with distribution, we had our team whip up a script that downloads the patch installer from Microsoft’s servers and installs it on any machine which had the faulty patch. You can grab that script here:

KB3037639 Installer