Check your Kaseya SaaS agent counts!

We recently ran across a combination of events that might lead to your paying for more Kaseya SaaS agents than you need.


If you delete agents and their respective orgs or machine groups from Kaseya, WITHOUT uninstalling the agent first, those agents will check back into your portal, but in a “root” group that you can’t see.

Unfortunately, the billing engine CAN see it, and those phantom agents are counting against your counts, and costing you money.


STEP 1:   Go to your Agent Tab, Agent Status.  Click the “Reset” button near the top of the screen to reset all your filters.    You will then see the total number of agents that are in your account. (Number is at the top of the screen “XX machines”)

STEP 2:   Locate all your Template accounts (Orange Squares), and subtract it from the total number.  (Most people have 4 or 5 templates).   Record this number.  (Hint:  You can create a view that shows machines that have NEVER checked in)

STEP 3:  Go to Kaseya Portal tab, My Account, Account Information.   Click on Subscriptions tab at the top, and locate the “Monthly Kaseya Machine Subscription”.    Look at the number that is “In Use”.   That number should be the same number as in Step 2!


Always make sure that you properly delete agents, using the “Uninstall agent first at next check-in” button.    If you are SURE the agent is never going to check in (retired machine, re-formatted drive, etc.), then you may use the 2nd option “Delete account now without installing the agent”.    Wait a day or two before you delete an organization or machine group, to make sure there is no chance the agents came back.

If you find a discrepancy, please open a ticket with us and we will dig into it and let you know what is happening. (Please provide count details)


Set a reminder on your calendar a day or two before your invoice date ( you can check on the date by looking at the “Invoices” tab, under Kaseya Portal tab, My Account, Account Information).    Create a view called “OLD Machines” and set it to show machines that have not checked-in, in the last 30 days.    If those machines are in fact old, be sure to delete them (following notes above!).      Then, if you do not anticipate adding any new agents, go to your Subscriptions, and reduce the subscription count to match was is actually in use.     PS.  Don’t forget to consider price breaks when you purchase agents, see this old Blog article on how to possibly get some Free agents!


Chris & VA Support Team