Continuing Education

Creating new user or administrator in Kaseya

Every user in Kaseya should have their own log in, but you don’t always want to give these users the same rights (called “Roles“), or give them the ability to see the same groups of machines (called “Scopes“), so this post will show you the basics on how to create your own Kaseya users or…

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How to Enable the Kaseya API

Kaseya’s API is a powerful tool if you have the development chops to put it to work for you. This is a simple video on how to get started working with Kaseya’s API and how to request access to it on Virtual Administrator’s systems. [evp t=youtubevid group=video title=”Kaseya API” vid=”5cNtsrTqWiA” align=”center”][/evp]

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Using Kaseya Copy Settings function to do Bulk Updates

Kaseya’s Copy Settings function is often overlooked, but is a very powerful way to make bulk changes to one or more agents.     Read below to learn about how to use this function in different use cases. Use Case #1 –  “Oops..  I installed the wrong template on a machine!” Hey, don’t sweat it,…

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Changing Emails on Kaseya Alerts and Monitor Sets

Kaseya makes it easy to add or replace email addresses on specific alerts and monitor sets.     They can be changed down to the specific machine and specific alert.    While none of these changes are difficult, some (like changing Event Set Alerts) are a little tedious, but hopefully the instructions below will help.…

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How to find software license keys through Kaseya

Kaseya is one of those softwares that just goes deeper and deeper. One of those little known things which is possible through Kaseya is to be able to find software license keys. You know how it goes. Your customer asks you to install Office on their latest machine and you say “Great where is the…

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Machine Policy

A Healthy Dose of CYA – Recording Remote Sessions

You haven’t been a managed services provider long if you haven’t been questioned about having unfettered access to your client’s machines before. The beauty of a tool like Kaseya is that it allows you to remediate any issues swiftly, and often silently keeping your client’s business in motion without them really knowing much about what…

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