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Protect Against Phishing with a Creative Mailprotector Filtering Rule

These days it can be difficult to see the difference between real and fake emails. Spammers, hackers, and phishing have gotten more and more sophisticated. Now, instead of sending casual “You got money from a Nigerian prince” emails, malicious senders are starting to research their targets and send much more believable emails. They’ll probe for…

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Controlling Notification Emails From Mailprotector

By default Mailprotector sends notifications up to three times per day depending on if new spam is waiting in the quarantine for you. This can add up rapidly if you have several distribution lists associated with your account since, by default, you’ll get a notification for each distribution list along with your email account. Controlling…

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Is Your Account Secure? Security in an MSP World

In the past month there have been numerous articles about cities and MSPs who have gotten busted with cryptoware. Damages vary from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions in lost time and revenue. As MSPs we are in a sweat-inducing position of not just being responsible for our own machines, but also the…

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5 Step Patch Management Health Checkup

With yet another Wannacry scare out in the wild it is a good time to take a second and check if your machines are patching properly. Many of our partners take advantage of our automatic patch policies but they aren’t available across all of our servers and not all of our partners are even using…

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Mailprotector For Email HIPAA and Other Compliance Standards

This is a question we get a lot here at Virtual Administrator. Does Mailprotector work with X Compliance requirement. Could be HIPAA, could be a certain datacenter or other industry compliance. It is important to know what you are getting and what you aren’t getting with Mailprotector. In fact, almost all security and compliance questions…

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Bracket — The Service That Sells Itself

Bracket email encryption is an awesome service because of how easy it is to use. But there is an added benefit to how Bracket operates because of how visible it is. Many IT related services try their best to stay out of the way and hum quietly in the background, but not Bracket. Bracket is…

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