AuthAnvil – 2-Factor FAQ

Many of you and your teams have already configured 2 Factor Authentication. There have been some questions and concerns that have come in about this change which I thought I would address here.

1.) I haven’t received my welcome email yet.

Welcome emails have been sent twice to people who have not yet registered at this point. There are two reasons you haven’t yet received a welcome email just yet. 1.) Your spam protection is blocking the onboarding email at this time. 2.) Your email address associated with your Kaseya account is not current.

The first thing you can do is whitelist the two domains: and which will ensure any onboarding emails from AuthAnvil are not being blocked. If you still are not getting emails from our 2FA service, then you may want to reach out to our support staff at Provide your username in Kaseya and an updated email address.  We will update your account and resend the provisioning email to your account.

2.) My password in AuthAnvil doesn’t work.

Your AuthAnvil account and your Kaseya account share the same username, but when we created your AuthAnvil account your password was not exported. Kaseya provides a strong salt-based encryption for user passwords so we cannot export your current password to AuthAnvil.

Login to AuthAnvil here:

Request a password reset.

Assuming you have whitelisted the domains for AuthAnvil in your email spam filter (provided above) then you should receive an email to reset your password and finish the onboarding process.

3.) I don’t see anything in my browser after clicking the sign up, sign in, or password reset link.

AuthAnvil works best in the Chrome browser. There are some known compatibility issues with Microsoft’s Edge browser. AuthAnvil recommends using Chrome’s browser for working with their service directly.

Once your account has been setup and linked to a device, you should still be able to use Kaseya in any browser you were currently using.

4.) I am constantly logged out of Kaseya throughout the work-day. Is 2 Factor Authentication only going to make my life more difficult?

Security is always a delicate balance between inconvenience and keeping out the bad guys. We believe that 2 Factor Authentication is going to have a positive impact on your experience working with our servers.

However, to help out partners who are constantly logging back in to the Kaseya server over the course of the day we are trialing extending the Idle Logout period from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. We believe this will resolve some of those log outs due to inactivity while still providing a sufficiently short idle logout period to provide the security you need.

Thank you!