8-Steps Troubleshooting Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) Post-6.5

After the 6.5 upgrade, some users experienced problems connecting to Live Connect (KLC).  The purpose of this blog post is to document what steps you should take before contacting support.

1.  Upgrade your Agent

After the upgrade, all agents should have been upgraded to 6.5.   Go to Agent Tab, Upgrade Version, Update Agent, and verify that your agents are all at least – (#1 below), furthermore on March 4th, 2014, Kaseya released to address some KLC issue, and in order for that patch to work you must Force an upgrade (#2).  Do this by selecting all your machines, clicking the box marked “Force update even if… “ and click Schedule.     We prefer to schedule it so there are no more than 2 being done per minute.    (When in doubt, you can check the last date that an update was done, and if it was before March 4th, update it!)


2.  Update your Java

As of this writing you should have at least 1.7.0._51


 3.  Add your Kaseya server to your Java Exception List

Go to Control Panel, select the Java applet, and go to the Security tab (#3), and click on box called “Edit Site List” (#4).   If you don’t see this, go back to Step 2 !


Once there, click Add (#5), and then type in the name of your Kaseya server (i.e. https://saas2-cdn.kaseya.net) (#6), and then press OK (#7)


4.  Clear your Java Cache

Inside Java Control Panel app (same as above), go instead to the General tab (#8), and click “Settings”(#9),  under Temporary Internet Files.


When the Temporary Files Settings box comes up,  Click Delete Files (#10)


When the Delete Files and Applications box comes up, select the top 2 boxes (#11), and then click OK (#12)


5.  Un-install and re-install the Plug-ins.

In some cases this has worked.    Simpy uninstall the “Kaseya LiveConnect” application from Add/Remove programs.     It is recommended that you close all your different browsers before doing this.
Once finished, log back into Kaseya, and re-install the plug-ins.   Go to Agent Tab, Upgrade Version, Update Agent, and at the top of the screen, you will see a box saying “Live Connect plugins up-to-date” and it will have a red sign if no, and green if yes.   Either way, click the “plugin installer” to download the installer.
Close your browser again, and run the installer
The installer will update all your different browsers

6.   Chrome keeps asking to re-install

      • SYMPTOM:  Chrome keeps asking to re-install the plug-ins over and over.
      • SOLUTION:

i.      Make sure the plug-ins are installed

ii.      Open Windows Explorer,  navigate to C:Users /username/ AppData/ Local/Kaseya/ LiveConnect and locate a file called “LiveConnect-6-3.crx

iii.      Open Chrome, Click Tools icon, select Settings, click and open Extensions.

iv.      Drag and drop the LiveConnect-6-3.crx file from the above directory and drop anywhere inside the Extension window.    Click the Add button to confirm you want to add the extension.

v.      Close and re-launch Chrome.  Live Connect should work.

7.   Machines seem to take a long time to connect

      • SYMPTOM:   After opening KLC – Message “Establishing Connection” comes up and seems to take a long time to get the thumbnail.
      • SOLUTION:

i.      Make sure the agent is updated.  Force update if you are not sure. (see Step 1 above)

ii.      Schedule Agent Procedure – “Deploy Live Connect” to run on a regular basis (once per week should suffice).   This will make sure that the KLC bits are installed on the remote system.

      • SYMPTOM:   Message “Establishing Connection” stays running for over 90 seconds.
      • SOLUTION:   Reload the page –    The process can sometimes time-out and just keep spinning, you should never wait more than 2 minutes.

8.   Still failing?

    • Try another browser
    • Try to connect to  another machine (maybe their connection is just really slow)
    • Review my  October 2011 blog “Troubleshooting Kaseya Live Connect (KLC)
    • Open a ticket with us or Kaseya

I hope this post can help you.  If you have any additional tips or tricks, please leave them in the comments below.