Month: February 2015


February Patch Recommendations Addendum And Update

There have been a few updates to some of the issues which we reported on last week in our February patch blog digest. For starters, there have been a few isolated incidents where clients are having difficulties installing patch KB2956128. It appears to have conflicts with Microsoft office 2010. While this isn’t widespread, the issues…

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Virtual Administrator’s February 2015 Patch Recommendations

9 Security Bulletins were released – 3 Critical, 6 Important, and 0 Moderate This Month In Brief We are releasing all security patches this month, however many of these have known issues that you should be aware of and are documented below. These known issues have workarounds and/or can be corrected by uninstalling the given…

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Why don't my SonicWall GMS reports have any data?

As part of our SonicWall GMS Gold program we send out reports for each firewall either weekly or monthly.    From time to time, partners notice that there is data missing from the report and figure there is some setting on our side that fixes it.   Most of the time this happens with the…

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4 Reasons you should register your SonicWall firewall with GMS

When you sign up with our SonicWall GMS (Global Management System), we ask you to delete your firewall from your MySonicWall account, so that it can be absorbed by our GMS MySonicWall account.      This freaks people out a little bit, especially if they have never worked with us before. If you are not…

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