Month: May 2013

How to find software license keys through Kaseya

Kaseya is one of those softwares that just goes deeper and deeper. One of those little known things which is possible through Kaseya is to be able to find software license keys. You know how it goes. Your customer asks you to install Office on their latest machine and you say “Great where is the…

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Machine Policy

A Healthy Dose of CYA – Recording Remote Sessions

You haven’t been a managed services provider long if you haven’t been questioned about having unfettered access to your client’s machines before. The beauty of a tool like Kaseya is that it allows you to remediate any issues swiftly, and often silently keeping your client’s business in motion without them really knowing much about what…

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May 2013 Patch Recommendations

10 Security Bulletins were released – 2 Critical, 8 Important, and 0 Moderate This Month In Brief We have not uncovered any widespread problems with any of these patches and are releasing all of them. MS13-037 and MS13-038 are a top priority as they are rated critical and apply to Internet Explorer. Make sure to…

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Fixing Patch Management For Windows 8 Machines

Some of our partners are noticing a few Windows 8/2012 machines are failing to scan properly. Windows 8/2012 require users to Opt-in to the Windows updates server.  If machines Opt-out the WUA service will not work and because Kaseya patching relies on WUA. Without WUA, it will not scan properly. You’ll notice this when the machine…

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Spam Soap Archiving Webinar

In the three videos below, Eric Pinto shows off Spam Soap’s archiving product. Archiving is a fantastic tool for MSPs who are working with companies that have a lot of government restrictions, legal issues, or other things. This is perfect for industries such as law, government, medical and more. Video 1 – Intro To Spam…

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Intronis Spring Fling

As Mother Nature starts warming the air, we thought we would try to heat up your backup sales with some special “Spring Fling” pricing on all Intronis backup quantities less than 500GB. Starting immediately, you will pay the 250-499GB price of $.90 per GB. If you are an existing VA-Intronis partner, your price will be…

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