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Protect Against Phishing with a Creative Mailprotector Filtering Rule

These days it can be difficult to see the difference between real and fake emails. Spammers, hackers, and phishing have gotten more and more sophisticated. Now, instead of sending casual “You got money from a Nigerian prince” emails, malicious senders are starting to research their targets and send much more believable emails. They’ll probe for…

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Controlling Notification Emails From Mailprotector

By default Mailprotector sends notifications up to three times per day depending on if new spam is waiting in the quarantine for you. This can add up rapidly if you have several distribution lists associated with your account since, by default, you’ll get a notification for each distribution list along with your email account. Controlling…

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Kaseya Scripting 101

Chris Amori gets started with an overview of Agent Procedures (scripts) in this Kaseya Agent Procedures for Beginners video. Join him as he runs us through the basics of importing, executing, finding, and working with scripts. [evp t=lock lock=”training”] [/evp]

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