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One of the most complimentary offerings to managed services is VOIP. By offering monthly phone services to companies you can increase the income from your clients, sometimes by up to double what a standard managed services contract provides. Also by controlling the phones, you increase your company’s stickiness and make it very hard for clients…

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[Webinar] Non-Profit Work In IT Organizations

Join us Friday @ 3pm ET for a webinar on Non-Profit work in IT Organizations. Some of you have probably spoken with Robyn Ilsen since she started helping us with calls here at Virtual Administrator, but many of you are likely entirely unaware of her interaction with Non-profit work here within our company. Robyn spends…

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[Webinar] HIPAA is here — Legislation Finally Creeping Into The World of Managed Services [Tuesday @ 2pm ET]

*Edit* This was a fantastic call with Justin who explained a great deal about the state of coverage and liability in the industry. You can contact him for more information here. Justin Reinmuth from MR Insurance is going to be speaking this coming Tuesday at 2PM ET about the HIPAA Omnibus ruling that is going…

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Improving Efficencies with Intel vPro

What a wonderful webinar we had on Intel vPro. Eric Townsend from Intel, Mike Sheffey from Kaseya, and Chris Amori from Virtual Administrator shared the past, present, and future of vPro and how you can use it to save you and your customer’s money and time. A complete recording of the webinar is included below.…

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