Month: March 2014


One of the most complimentary offerings to managed services is VOIP. By offering monthly phone services to companies you can increase the income from your clients, sometimes by up to double what a standard managed services contract provides. Also by controlling the phones, you increase your company’s stickiness and make it very hard for clients…

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Third Party Updates March 26 2014

Updated: Flash Firefox / Chrome, Flash Firefox / Chrome Updated, Flash IE, Flash IE Updated, Notepad++, Notepad++ Updated, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Filezilla, Defraggler, VLC, FastStone, iTunes, Firefox, Chrome, Silverlight

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8-Steps Troubleshooting Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) Post-6.5

After the 6.5 upgrade, some users experienced problems connecting to Live Connect (KLC).  The purpose of this blog post is to document what steps you should take before contacting support. 1.  Upgrade your Agent After the upgrade, all agents should have been upgraded to 6.5.   Go to Agent Tab, Upgrade Version, Update Agent, and verify…

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Virtual Administrator’s March 2014 Patch Recommendations

We have not uncovered any widespread problems with any of these patches and are releasing all of them.

MS14-012 and MS14-013 are rated Critical. After your next patch cycle completes you should follow up and make sure these are installed. The top priority this month is MS14-012. It affects all versions of Internet Explorer and was reported in February ( MS14-015 is rated Important and patches the Windows Kernel Driver sub-system. There have been some isolated reports of MS14-015 (KB2930275) causing problems with Vista machines but these reports have not been corroborated. If you do have problems with Vista machines after patching this is most likely suspect.

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