Month: November 2013


Latest Script Updates (November 27)

Scripts Updated [evp t=scriptupdate title=”CryptoLocker Prevention Audit” link=”” notes=”Bug fix and added if user logged in to stop false results.”]Script downloads and runs CryptoPreventTestCLI then executes to find out if CryptoPrevent has been applied to machine. Script then writes results to script log. Able to report by filtering Agent Procedure logs for $CryptoLocker$ all entries…

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Third Party Updates November 27

Big Four App Browser Plugin

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Kaseya IT Essentials – How to increase licenses

Ever wonder why your new Kaseya SaaS agents don’t fully check-in?    9 times out of 10 it is because you don’t have enough licenses to accommodate the new agents.   The symptom is the agents will show up on your portal as a template (little orange square)  To fix this, all you need to…

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Third Party Updates Nov 18

Big Five App Browser Tool

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November 2013 Patch Recommendations

8 Security Bulletins were released – 3 Critical, 5 Important, and 0 Moderate This Month In Brief We have not uncovered any widespread problems with any of these patches and are releasing all of them. MS13-090 is a zero day vulnerability reported a few days ago. This is an update for ActiveX Kill Bits and…

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Three Things MSPs Can Learn From Doctor Who

So taking a slightly more nerdy turn from our usual geeky way of blogging, I thought it would be fun to follow in the footsteps of Network Depot’s blog for the day and borrow some of the hype from the upcoming 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode. Robyn and I, who you all know well, are…

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