Month: February 2013

Virtual Administrator’s February 2013 Patch Recommendations

12 Security Bulletins were released – 5 Critical, 7 Important, and 0 Moderate Out-of-band updates MS13-008 released on January 14 Virtual Administrator approved the patch as soon as it became available. Noteworthy Patch News We have not uncovered any widespread problems with any of these patches and are releasing all of them. This is…

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Kaspersky (Kaseya's KAV vendor) does well in 2012 Comparison

I often read threads how one IT person thinks “X” AV is better, and others swear “Y” is better, but I ran across a non-profit Australian organization called the Institute for Security in Information Technology – AV-Comparatives, who does on-going research and testing into how well different AV products ACTUALLY work. For 2012, I was happy…

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Creating, Editing and Assigning Kaseya KAV profiles

By: Jim Bulger 1.       Creating a profile There are two ways to create a new profile. You can create “New” profiles from scratch or you can “Copy” from an existing profile and edit as needed.  Note: The “Sample Server Profile” and “Sample Workstation Profile”  shown below, are templates and cannot be edited by anyone,  but…

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