Go!Manage MSP Remote Management

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Fast-Track Your MSP with a Drop-In Managed Services Program Designed to Bring You Maximum Profit From Day One All The Way Through Tens of Thousands of Machines.

Managed services is exploding. This is your chance to join in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and secure your slice of monthly recurring revenue. With the Go!Manage program, an ever expanding market, and one of the most profitable business models available today this is your chance to hit it big.

Virtual Administrator has created the ultimate drop in managed services program. With a combination of software, scripting, training, support, and community you will be able to launch into managed services and compete on the same level as the big boys in the field.

Complete with a free 30 day trial you have the opportunity to be profitable right from day one. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Go!Manage is powered by Kaseya

Utilizing the Cadillac of RMM tools, Go!Manage will allow you to perform inventory, patch management, remote control, monitoring and alerting, scripting, and reporting.

Protect Your Customers With Remotely Managed Antivirus

Take your choice, either Kaspersky or AVG. Both antivirus tools will allow you to protect your client’s machines against even the most dangerous of threats. Get alerts before your client’s do and impress them with your proactive approach to desktop and server security.

Rapid And Carefree Deployment Of Third Party Software

With the combination of Ninite and ClubMSP. You can rapidly deploy and update a swath of third party applications your clients will use on their PCs. Quickly differentiate yourself from your competition by defending from threats through applications like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Desktop Browsers, and other software.

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Monthly Patch Approvals Done For You

Spend less time researching the hard stuff. Every month on the Friday following Microsoft’s patch Tuesday, our team will review the status of the patches released and approve or deny them based on if they are safe for use on your machine. We also publish a patch document with details on which patches were approved or denied.

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Track Warranties and Serial Numbers For Your Customers For More Hardware and Software Sales

As a special add-on built directly into Kaseya, you will be able to track not only software serial numbers (which Kaseya does naturally) but you will also be able to track hardware warranties from top manufacturers such as HP and Dell. Using this information you can encourage clients to purchase hardware through you, or at the very least, let them know that you are keeping tabs on the health of their machines.

Skip Server Maintenance with Go!Manage

With the Go!Manage program all content, scripts, views, and other server maintenance is done for you. Our team is constantly updating the server with new content and managing server issues on your behalf. This means less time spent on back-office tasks and more time spent on moneymaking enterprises.

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Keeping It Local

Many other SAAS programs try to host the servers outside of the United States of America. With a clever use of CDN networks they are able to give an illusion of local servers but they are never quite as fast or stable. With Virtual Administrator’s Go!Manage program we host all of our servers local to the US in data centers with high-speed data lines and powerful home brewed servers. This makes our system more reliable and faster so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing

While many other managed services programs will ask you to commit to long-term contracts or high dollar numbers to get started, Virtual Administrator operates on a month-to-month basis with no minimums. We understand that sometimes you have to start small and that given the opportunity, you will be able to grow a fantastic business for yourself. We also understand that sometimes things do not go as planned and so it is just as easy to cancel as it is to get started.

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Pricing (per month):

# Of Machines 1-24 25-49 50+
Workstations 6.95 5.95 4.95
Servers 7.95 6.95 5.95


Backup module (Acronis) is $14.95 for servers, $1.95 for workstations
KAM (Malwarebytes) $1.25

Get A Free 30 Day Trial

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See What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying About Virtual Administrator

Virtualadmin + Kaseya = Awesome

The whole Kaseya ecosystem is a lot to swallow in one gulp. But rolling out Kaseya with Virtual Administrator’s help makes this so much easier. As others have said, Chris is “on the ball”, quick to respond and makes faultfinding so much easier. The ClubMSP library has a HUGE collection of scripts to choose from and they are keeping on top of updating them for the latest threats. Lastly, I love the newsletter listing latest threats, patches and the updates to scripts, what a time saver. – Michael J

This is what I call it first class service.

We discovered Virtual Administrator from a friend. They are so quick to respnd and gave us great service. I am looking forward to a long working relationship. – Costas S

Responsive and knowledgeable

I’m signing on with Virtual Administrator to roll out Kaseya. There’s a lot to know with Kaseya, and Chris has been fast and thorough in responding to my questions. He’s not shy about scheduling one-on-one time to get you up and running quickly. – David Cork

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