Mailprotector’s New Portal

Mailprotector is getting a new portal!

Coming in about a week, we are bringing a completely new portal to all Virtual Administrator partners for Mailprotector. We're excited to share this new innovation with you! There are many new features and an improved layout that is going to simplify navigation and setup of new clients.

Miss the webinar? View the recording right here.


Free Resources For Virtual Administrator Partners

As mentioned on the webinar, the biggest change coming with the new portal is going to be a change in the quarantine emails for end-users. We want to help you communicate this change to your clients.

So we have compiled some screenshots, documents, and an email template which you can use to announce this upcoming change to your clients. These documents are provided as-is and can be modified to your liking for the purpose of communicating to Mailprotector end-users about the upcoming change or how to operate the new quarantine.

Included in this pack:

  • Word document containing text and images announcing the change to the quarantine emails.
  • An outlook template with the same content.
  • A word document containing several screenshots detailing important aspects of the new email quarantine.
  • Several annotated JPG screenshots used throughout the the above documents.
  • Two blank screenshots so you can add your own annotations (should you choose).