Core Training

Kaseya Scripting 101

Chris Amori gets started with an overview of Agent Procedures (scripts) in this Kaseya Agent Procedures for Beginners video. Join him as he runs us through the basics of importing, executing, finding, and working with scripts. [evp t=lock lock=”training”] [/evp]

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Kaseya Core Training – Part 1

Virtual Administrator’s training on Kaseya has become so popular it is bordering on legendary. Chris Amori has put together a fantastic crash course that has helped well over 1,500 managed services companies get their start over the years. In this video series we will see the first installment of Chris’ training program available publicly to…

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Kaseya K2 For Techs – Technician Training

This is a fantastic new video series by Chris Amori for training technicians on how to use Kaseya in their day-to-day lives.

He has been pouring himself into this training project for some time now. Feel free to listen in or pass this along to your technicians to give them a better understanding of what Kaseya can do for them in day-to-day operations.

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