Month: April 2017


Setting up a Review Gate to create social proof and authority for your MSP.

  If you were to look at MSPs (or just small businesses as a whole) you would probably find most lack refinement in terms of customer follow-up, collecting testimonials, and spotting and resolving unhappy clients. It is very easy to move on to the next thing on your agenda at the end of a customer…

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When to (NOT) Outsource Your Helpdesk

For those of you who don’t know, we worked as a channel partner with Live Virtual Helpdesk for several years in the past. They are a good helpdesk solution and we still forward partners to them when they’re considering outsourcing or augmenting their internal helpdesk. I still get calls even though we stopped directly offering…

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The First Employee Most MSPs Hire and Why it is the Wrong Choice

If you are running a small MSP and are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Most of us get into Managed Services because at some point someone told us that we seemed pretty good at fixing computers and maybe we could make a living doing that. Fixing computers is fun…. Or at least it used…

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Things to consider when getting your first PSA

One of the first major decisions every MSP must face is what to do with all the information they collect, and how to track and bill for the tasks that their clients need. Relying on email and calendar entries, or scribbling down phone numbers and IP addresses on various unlabeled sticky notes strewn around the…

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