Month: December 2015

Virtual Administrator’s December 2015 Patch Recommendations

12 Security Bulletins were released – 8 Critical, 4 Important, and 0 Moderate This Month In Brief 12 Security Bulletins were released – 8 Critical, 4 Important We have not uncovered any problems with any of the Security Bulletins and are releasing all of them. Denied Non-Security Bulletin Updates: KB3114409 and KB3102429 have been denied…

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How to identify and remove Dell eDellRoot certificate vulnerability using Kaseya

You may have heard about the latest certificate vulnerability, this one from Dell. There are actually two certificates that are exposed, one called eDellRoot which is factory installed by the Dell Foundation Services application, designed to make support easier.   The 2nd one is probably less common, it is called the DSDTestProvider certificate, and is only…

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