Month: September 2015

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Creating a service “beachhead” to turn cold prospects into hot customers

Anyone who has spent time trying to sell managed services knows that it is not a cheap proposition to a customer. Just waltzing into a prospect’s company and getting them to commit to a four or five figure per month contract can be a difficult pill for them to swallow — no matter the value…

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Virtual Administrator’s September 2015 Patch Recommendations

12 Security Bulletins were released – 5 Critical, 7 Important, and 0 Moderate This Month In Brief 12 Security Bulletins were released – 5 Critical, 7 Important We have not uncovered any widespread problems with any of 12 Security Bulletins and are releasing all of them. MS15-094, MS15-095, MS15-097, MS15-098 and MS15-099 are rated Critical.…

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