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Remote Management, Reporting, And Member Pricing

Quickly Build a Competitive Program in the Largest I.T. Market On The Planet. Build Your MSP's SonicWall Program, Powered By Virtual Administrator's Triple Play.

The SonicWall Triple Play is a three part program for MSPs looking to get a piece of the huge Network Administration market. Through working with Virtual Administrator you can get premium discounts on SonicWall devices for your IT business, get consulting help configure those devices, and get access to our hosted Global Management System (GMS).

Virtual Administrator prides itself on being the only provider on the planet to offer a guide to SonicWalls and helping companies get started with their various services.

SonicWall Procurement

In step one of the triple play, we help small MSP companies who have partnered with Virtual Administrator get some preferential pricing and advice on purchasing SonicWall devices. Simply contact our purchasing department at (703) 230-2307 and we will be able to size up the right SonicWall for your needs and get it purchased and shipped straight to your door.

All new SonicWall purchases also come with a free month of Hosted GMS on that unit. A great way for you to bring some additional benefits to your customer and go over the top with some advanced reports from the new device.

Configuration Help

If your MSP is just getting started with SonicWall devices, then we offer a pre-configuring service for a low flat rate to help you in configuring a new SonicWall. Simply work with our tech team and we’ll make sure that the SonicWall is ready to be dropped into place on site at your customer’s network.

Coupling this service with our purchasing assistance and GMS system and you’ll have a complete end-to-end deployment system in place for your IT Business.

Hosted SonicWall GMS

Finally, if you aren’t yet ready to drop the thousands of dollars to purchase an in-house GMS server, but crave the management, alerting, and reporting features of GMS, then we have just the thing for you! We’ve put together a hosted solution that gives MSPs access to SonicWall’s advanced global management system.

With SonicWall GMS Silver you can:

  • Get alerts from your firewalls deployed in the field when they go offline, or are modified without your consent.
  • Manage and maintain their subscriptions and registrations to the services that SonicWall provides.
  • Update the firmware on your devices remotely through the GMS server.
  • Automatically and manually backup the device to the GMS server to keep backups safe.
  • Make changes across all your SonicWalls at the same time.

Add SonicWall GMS Gold and you’ll be able to get reports in 10 key areas on your SonicWalls in addition to the management features listed above.

  • System Uptime
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Top Users of Bandwidth
  • Web Activity By Time
  • Web Usage Top Sites
  • Top Web Users
  • Top Websites By User
  • Top Websites By Category
  • Firewall Uptime Status
  • Firewall Downtime Status

See a sample GMS Gold report:

books 2

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SonicWall GMS

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The whole Kaseya ecosystem is a lot to swallow in one gulp. But rolling out Kaseya with Virtual Administrator’s help makes this so much easier. As others have said, Chris is “on the ball”, quick to respond and makes faultfinding so much easier. The ClubMSP library has a HUGE collection of scripts to choose from and they are keeping on top of updating them for the latest threats. Lastly, I love the newsletter listing latest threats, patches and the updates to scripts, what a time saver. – Michael J


Love the client service given. Lifetime customer here. Very refreshing in IT. Jim did a great job of going through k2 and some of the features. We are very pleased in Houston. – Raymond Moore

Responsive and knowledgeable

I’m signing on with Virtual Administrator to roll out Kaseya. There’s a lot to know with Kaseya, and Chris has been fast and thorough in responding to my questions. He’s not shy about scheduling one-on-one time to get you up and running quickly. – David Cork

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