Sync Kaseya with Connectwise

Dramatically Speed Up Your Workflow By Pre-assigning Alerts From Kaseya to Companies In Connectwise.

KCSyncFor years Connectwise and Kaseya have played the “not talking to you” game. Getting the two to play nice together has been difficult if not impossible. After years of waiting for a simple and cost effective solution to come out, we took things into our own hands and built the tool ourselves.

Introducing KCSync (Kaseya-Connectwise Sync).

KCSync does one thing, and it does it very well. It takes all the machines inside of Kaseya (via the API) and then connects them to the right companies inside of Connectwise, creating configuration records.

This creates one primary benefit:

  • New alerts can now create tickets attached to the right company inside of Connectwise via the Email Connector.

How it Works

Getting started is very simple. KCSync is a small application that runs on a Windows machine. You simply feed it the API credentials for Kaseya and Connectwise. Then you click run, it will find all the groups and organizations in Kaseya and allow you the chance to assign them to companies in Connectwise. After that, you simply need to run the tool whenever you add or remove machines. It will keep the configuration records up to date on your behalf.

Get Started

This simple tool works with nearly all versions of Kaseya hosted or not as long as the API is unlocked and available. It is also compatible with Hosted Connectwise or self-hosted. Pricing is simple and easy. And the impact this simple tool will have on your business will be astronomical.

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Billing is based on the number of Kaseya agents which must be synced. The tool will attempt to sync all agents available to the user account provided to it. VA Partners should base their numbers on the number of agents used in their account.

License Type Trial Registered Silver Gold
# Of Machines In Kaseya 5 Up To 25 26-199 200+
VA Partner No Charge No Charge Requires ClubMSP Pro No Charge*
Non-VA Partner No Charge No Charge Requires ClubMSP Pro Requires ClubMSP Pro

* VA Partners who purchase more than 200 machines from Virtual Administrator are allowed to use the tool at no additional charge.

ClubMSP Pro can be purchased here.


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This is what I call it first class service.

We discovered Virtual Administrator from a friend. They are so quick to respnd and gave us great service. I am looking forward to a long working relationship. – Costas S


Love the client service given. Lifetime customer here. Very refreshing in IT. Jim did a great job of going through k2 and some of the features. We are very pleased in Houston. – Raymond Moore

Virtualadmin + Kaseya = Awesome

The whole Kaseya ecosystem is a lot to swallow in one gulp. But rolling out Kaseya with Virtual Administrator’s help makes this so much easier. As others have said, Chris is “on the ball”, quick to respond and makes faultfinding so much easier. The ClubMSP library has a HUGE collection of scripts to choose from and they are keeping on top of updating them for the latest threats. Lastly, I love the newsletter listing latest threats, patches and the updates to scripts, what a time saver. – Michael J

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