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Backing up client data can be a huge responsibility but it is one of the most profitable businesses in existence today. Finding the right backup tool is not a question of price, but primarily a question of reliability. Be there for your customers in a way that no one has been there for them before.


Included With Intronis ECHOPlatform


A complete business continuity solution.

storefrontFrom data, to applications, to full servers, Intronis offers a complete business continuity solution. No disaster is too great for your customers when Intronis is on the job.

Scheduled Backups.

clockTake advantage of some of the most advanced scheduling available for Online Backup. Don’t just set backup start times, but set the end times for backups that run too long. Keep backing up to off-hours so you don’t get in the way of business.

An entirely remote Interface.

world connectDeploy the Intronis agent through your RMM tool and then schedule and run all your backups through the Intronis ECHOPlatform.

Completely Brandable

pen2Convert Intronis into your custom solution. Brand the agent and the portal to your business.

Powerful Monitoring and Alerting System.

AlertKnow everything you need to know about your backups with configurable alerts.

VMWare, Hyper-V, and Physical image backups.

serversBackup VMWare, Hyper-V, and take backups of physical machines. Spin up servers quickly using QuickSpin.

Bare Metal Restores.

networkPerform quick bare metal restores to bring businesses backup to speed quickly and effectively.

SQL and Exchange server backups.

emailPerform backups on live servers running SQL or Exchange using VSS and Journaling.

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Pricing Information For Intronis

New Flat Rate Site Licensing

Take “Per GB” pricing out of the equation. Intronis’ new pricing model is fine-tuned to appeal directly to managed service providers. Build backup into the price of your managed contracts, or give your clients a flat-rate add-on. Either way, you will be building your monthly revenue, and your customer will be ecstatic that they no longer have to worry about technical details such as how much data their computer requires.

License Intronis for an entire customer location for a flat rate. Packages are available in 100 GB, 300 GB, and Unlimited GB per site licenses.

Intronis Online Backup

100GB Per Site / Month300GB Per Site / MonthUnlimited Per Site* / Month
Sub $300 / Month$39 / Site / Month$89 / Site / Month$ CALL / Site / Month
$300+ / Month$30 / Site / Month$75 / Site / Month$ CALL / Site / Month
* Unlimited Site Licenses are limited to 100 end point machines. A second license is required to back up an additional 100 machines.

Per GB Pricing

Offered for smaller backup amounts. It is possible to backup smaller portions using Intronis’ per GB pricing.

Intronis Online Backup

$1.25 $0.90
Per GB / Month
$1.15 $0.90
Per GB / Month
$0.99 $0.90
Per GB / Month
Per GB / Month
Quantities10 – 49 GB50 – 99 GB100 – 249 GB250+ GB

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