The Benefits, The Pitfalls, or ...

The Benefits, The Pitfalls, or How To Go About Outsourcing

In today’s connected world it is easy to off-shore work or engaged remote workers (even in the same town as your company is based). There is a lot to be said on the topic of outsourcing and as a technical contact for your clients you are someone who could have a lot to say about how outsourcing is done.

This week, it would be a fantastic idea to write a blog post about outsourcing. You can focus on the benefits and why they should do it (“5 reasons you should be outsourcing”). Or, you could focus on the pitfalls and what is wrong with outsourcing and things they should try to avoid.

Another tact would be to focus on a how-to. Perhaps something like “The 5 most important bits of technology you need to communicate with remote workers”.

Good luck! As always, feel free to comment any article that you write!

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