Talk about a frightening trend ...

Talk about a frightening trend in 2017

Every year there is something new in technology. New is threatening. Business owners almost always will want to hedge their bets against new to reduce the risk to their business. When it comes to technology that is doubly so.

We’re now almost halfway through 2017 and it is time to take a second a look back at the past year and review some of the tech trends that we have witnessed. Viruses like Wannacry highlighted government spying, Net Neutrality is on its way out the door, Microsoft changed how they do patching this year, the FAA released new rules for flying Drones, live streaming has become much more accessible this year, and so much more. There are tons of different trends to focus on. Taking a moment to talk about any one of these and how it can impact business owners will catch your client’s attention.

Of course I only named a few. Mankind has been busy this year and the speed of innovation is only going to increase.

Bonus points if you make it relevant to a niche market. Consider recent innovations or problems facing doctors, lawyers, accounting firms, or other good prospects for Managed Service Providers.

You can focus on the good or the bad, but no matter which way you go, make sure your clients know that you are prepared for these trends and ready to help them through the transition as they tackle what is yet to come in the second half of 2017.

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