DeAcronize an Acronym

DeAcronize an Acronym

The technology world is full of acronyms. They shorten all kinds of advanced ideas. HIPAA, HTML, OS, BIOS, HDD are just a few of the acronyms out there. This week take one, or a handful of acronyms and break them down into their original meaning. Bonus points if you have a niche focus on the acronyms. Perhaps you focus on compliance based acronyms, or you focus on a specific software and the acronyms that come along with it.

If you want to go overboard you could create a few new acronyms that you can use internally. This could turn into a Tribe Building exercise (feat. Seth Godin).

Break them apart and explain them. This post can become a regular part of your help documents for new clients who need a refresher on all the advanced terms you are working with.

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